Aikido of Red Bank


  1. From July 21st: A lot of great pictures from the Aikido / Escrima seminar are up, thank you Tony Costa!
  2. July 28th, 1 - 3pm: Test Prep Workshop. Open to anyone and everyone, testing this season or not, teens and adults, from any dojo. Fee $20.
  3. July 29th - August 4th: USAF Summer camp
  4. Aug 11th: 10am class extended to 11:30 (no weapons class), and will be led by Claire Keller Sensei - 6th Dan, Shidoin and Chief Instructor of Bushwick Dojo in Brooklyn, (suggested donation: $10). Followed by Summer Kyu testing. Then a potluck party at the Krain's (in Marlboro).
  5. Sept 1st: Tai Chi is on break from now until Aug 30, and will resume Sept 1, at which time it will be starting up again at the beginning of the form (Yang style standard 24-movement short form).

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