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  1. Sept 1st: Tai Chi resumes! Starting up again at the beginning of the form (Yang style standard 24-movement short form).
  2. Sept 3rd: Dojo closed for Labor day (Monday only - the rest of the weekend is "normal schedule".
  3. Sept 4th: New class starting! Tuesdays at noon, led by Jerry Curiale.
  4. Sept 22nd, 10am: Weapons Seminar in the style of Sugano Sensei, hosted by Woodstock Aikido. Our own Soviero Sensei has been been invited to teach, with John Chiarolanzio of Aikido of New Paltz and Chuck Mensh of the NY Aikikai.
    Bring weapons, water and snacks - and appropriate footware for a 2 mile / 1.5 hour moderate all-uphill hike (a hike which is not recommended for those with considerable knee issues or poor cardio-pulmonary health). $40 includes light dinner. RSVP to Marilyn St. John or Sensei Jim.
    A carpool from our dojo will depart at 7am, coordinate with Sensei Jim if interested.

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Theresa, Stephen, George & Til's 4th Kyu tests, August 2018

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Jason's 2nd Kyu test, August 2018

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